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The first House of Israel
James Harris
The second House of Israel
B’nai Zion dedication
The Farrell mikveh
The house of the Farrell shochet
Rabbi Meyer Abramowitz
Rabbi Meyer Abramowitz with congregants
Temple Beth Israel confirmation class (1950)
Temple Beth Israel social hall
Temple Beth Israel choir
Temple Beth Israel Sisterhood board
Rabbi Robert Bergman
Rabbi Robert Bergman with congregants
Thrift shop
Hannah G. Solomon Award
Nate Dunn painting
Hadassah of Sharon
Rabbi Howard Kosovske
Sukkot celebration
Angel Ball
Rabbi Samuel Weingart
Temple Beth Israel Chanukah play
Rabbi Samuel Stahl
The Grand Reunion to Sharon
Temple Beth Israel Sisterhood service award


Council of Jewish Women organization
"Rabbi’s Message"
House of Israel annual report (1942-1943)
Yeshiva College placement letter
Butcher complaint
House of Israel general meeting
House of Israel Building Fund launch
Switch to Union Prayer Book
Building vote
Temple Beth Israel floor plan
Temple Beth Israel 1949 report
Groundbreaking ceremonies
Temple Beth Israel cornerstone laying
Attendance appeal
Temple Beth Israel dedication dinner
Dedications committee
Temple Beth Israel history
Secretarial job description
Temple Beth Israel mortgage burning
“Mortgage Burning”
Religious School report (1953)
Religious School report (1959)
Shenango Valley Junior Woman’s Club
UAHC membership
Shenango Valley Tercentenary Dinner
Shechitah arrangement
Rabbi Abramowitz resignation
Rabbi Abramowitz resolution
Rabbi Robert Bergman installation
Sponsoring statement
Temple Beth Israel 70th anniversary
Ways and Means report
Beth Israel president’s report (1962)
“We Are Bereft”
“From Where I Stand”
UAHC visit
St. Augustine trip
Rabbi Herzog annual report
Rabbi Herzog resignation
Temple Beth Israel rabbi’s report (1966)
Religious School merger
Adult Education program
Temple décor proposal
Sharon-Farrell merger meeting
Temple Beth Israel merger vote
Rabbinic placement request
B’nai Zion Merger Committee
Israel Bonds loans
Dues schedule
Temple Beth Israel long-range planning
Long Range Planning Committee (1981)
Annual Meeting notice
Fair share pledge (1988)
“The Grand Reunion”
“A Commitment to Unity”
Unser Gang
Temple Beth Israel Religious School curriculum
Fair share pledge (2011)
Unity Shabbat
B’nai B’rith NPC directory


Dorothy Bolotin oral history Louis and Marlene Epstein oral history Ronald Heiman oral history Alan and Beverly Nathan oral history