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Helene Hirsch
Isaac and Louis Hirsch
The Volksblatt offices
Louis Hirsch
Rose Rice Hirsch
Max Hirsch as a boy
Max Hirsch in college
Pittsburgh Radio and Appliance Company
Max and Jane Hirsch
Braddock School
Jane Hirsch
Jane Hirsch and son
Burton Hirsch at Shady Side Academy
Pvt. Burton Hirsch
Ruth Hirsch and son
Maxine and Loren Hirsch
Burton and Ruth Hirsch


Confidential letter
Drawing of Isaac E. Hirsch
“Our Darling Grace”
“Songs of May”
Helene Hirsch on her birthday
"A Loving Greeting"
Anti-war letter
Neeb-Hirsch Publishing Company minutes
Drafts board notices
Promotional patch
Burton Hirsch advertisement
Congratulatory letter

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