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Solomon Rauh
Rosalia Lippman Rauh
Bertha and Enoch Rauh with daughter
Enoch Rauh speaking
Pittsburgh City Council
The Rauhs in Atlantic City
Bertha Rauh
Bertha Rauh swearing-in
Mayview unveiling
Mayview Hospital bus
Bertha Rauh and Amelia Earhart
Bertha and Enoch Rauh in Atlantic City
Bertha Rauh with children
Helen Wayne Rauh
Helen Wayne Rauh, student days
Ask the Girls
Helen Wayne Rauh as Madame Arcati
Helen Wayne Rauh as Lady Bracknell
Helen Wayne Rauh as Santa
Richard, Helen and Richard Rauh
Richard E. Rauh with Pirates
Krapp’s Last Tape
Richard E. Rauh at dedication


Bertha Floersheim letter to aunt
Bertha Floersheim profile
Johnstown flood fundraising
Enoch Rauh birthday letter
Letter from Jacob Riis
Louis Aaron letter
Milk and Ice Association brochure
Enoch Rauh appointment
H. J. Heinz letter
“The Jews and Woman Suffrage”
“Enormous Crowd Expected”
Enoch Rauh campaign material
“Death Takes Enoch Rauh”
Rauh Brothers insurance policies
Enoch Rauh Club letter
“Rauh Pittsburgh”
Federation notice
Bertha Rauh speech
George Gershwin note
“Under the Presidency of Mrs. Enoch Rauh”
Bertha Rauh business card
Rauh Christmas Card
First dollar
Pittsburgh Playhouse Film Repertory schedule
“Rauh: A Face You Can’t Forget”

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