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"The Autobiography of William Frank" (manuscript)
"The Autobiography of William Frank" (typescript)
"I Love Reunions"
"The Winter of '48"
"Thoughts On Reaching The Age of 77"
"Where and Where Born" (typescript)
"The First Part" (manuscript)
"The First Part" (typescript)
"The Second Part" (typescript)
"The Third Part" (typescript)
Louis Green's memoirs
"Share My Dreams"
“Who Sing and Spring” excerpt
"Memoirs of Crombie Street"
"Could You Believe"
Libby Adelson memoirs
"I Was There"
"My Life History"
"Roses in December"
“The Autobiography of a Jewish Immigrant” (English)
"One Man's Family: A View From the Bottom"
"The Sparks and Haas Families: A Memoir"
“History of the Weikers Family: Facts, Reminiscences and Ramblings"
"Autobiography of Aaron Olbum"
Mollie Brunwasser diary
"I Remember When"
"Background Music"
Dora C. Davis recollections
“The Memorie of My Life”
“Remembrances of East Liverpool…”
Dr. Herschel Rubin memoirs
Dr. Aaron Caplan memoirs
Eileen B. Smith memoirs
Eugene Miller memoirs
Irwin Sealfon memoirs
Margy Kleinerman memoirs
"89 Years—Looking Back and Remembering"
"Poor Mrs. Engelsky"
"Looking Back"
Louis I. Aaron autobiography