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Beth Israel Congregation
Beth Israel Congregation bima
Beth Israel confirmation (1955)
Sisterhood luncheon
Torah Fund meeting
Torah Fund centerpiece
Beth Israel Sunday School (1959)
Sunday School Hanukah performance
Beth Israel confirmation (1964)
Beth Israel Sunday School (1964)
Joint Sunday School
Beth Israel Congregation at 25
Sunday School Hanukah party
Beth Israel damages
Beth Israel renovations
Beth Israel 40th anniversary
Beth Israel (Latrobe) memorial board (1)
Beth Israel (Latrobe) memorial board (2)
Beth Israel (Latrobe) memorial board (3)


Beth Israel blueprints
Beth Israel construction bid
Beth Israel construction contract
Sale of synagogue
Flag Day speech
Family History and Record
Men’s Club bylaws
Beth Israel Congregation bulletin
Beth Israel dedication
Dedication banquet
Beth Israel congregation dinner
Dedication expenses
Jackie Mason recommendation
Jackie Mason message
Jackie Mason prayer service
Yom Kippur honors
Golden Book price list
Religious Committee minutes
Council on Jewish Education solicitation
Rabbinic placement
Beth Israel fundraising appeal
Building Fund donation
“If Men Played Cards As Women Do”
USA charter presentation
Beth Israel mortgage burning
"An Appreciation"
1960 presidency
Beth Israel confirmation
"A Year of Re-Dedication"
Insurance inventory
Beth Israel library holdings
Beth Israel 25th anniversary
Amendment ballot
Beth Israel Congregation constitution
Robert Mendler testimony
“A Brief History of Beth Israel Congregation”
"History Directory"
“The Latrobe Jewish Community 1923-1924”
Jewish graduates of Latrobe High


Rosalyn and David Balk oral history Ruth Lowenstein-Novice oral history Milton Radman oral history