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Apt Family photograph
Jerome Apt Jr. photograph
Frank Family photograph
Flight Controller photograph
Astronaut Candidates photograph
Jay Apt Astronaut Training (in water) photograph
Jay Apt Training (outdoors) photograph
STS-37 Crew photograph
STS-37 Crew Training photograph (1)
STS-37 Crew Training photograph (2)
Spacewalk photograph
Jay Apt photograph (1)
STS-47 Mission Crew photograph
Jay Apt photograph (2)
STS-59 Crew photograph
STS-79 Crew photograph
STS-79 Mission Preparation photograph
STS-79 Crew in Space photograph
Jay Apt photograph (3)
Jay Apt's airplane photograph


Sadie Apt letter
Dearest Joan
Jay Apt letter
Aviation School notes
Airman Certificate registration
MIT correspondence (1)
NARTS catalog
MIT correspondence (2)
Jay Apt Flight plan
Jay Apt Flight log
Jay Apt Flight journal
Jay Apt cover letter
Dear Jay
Dear Dr. Apt
Astronaut Candidate training letter
Akron Public School System correspondence
Flight correspondence
To our dear son Jay
NASA Exceptional Service Medal
"Team Pittsburgh" newsletter


Apt Family Home video
Mission STS-37 Crew Training
STS-37 Mission Astronauts Use 8mm Film Camera Onboard
STS-37 Launch and Landing Home Movie
Mission STS-47 "Today in Space: Flight Day 5"
Mission STS-59 Flight Day 1 Highlights
Mission STS-59 Flight Day 2 Highlights
Jay Apt Talking to Family from STS-79 Mission Shuttle
Jay Apt on "On Q"
"The Hometown Advantage"

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