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DeRoy brothers
Jos. DeRoy and Sons Interior
Joseph DeRoy & Sons Storefront
Jos. DeRoy & Sons
Joseph DeRoy
Lydia Isaacs DeRoy
Al J. DeRoy
Israel DeRoy
Kitty DeHaan DeRoy
Israel and Kitty DeRoy
Manny DeRoy
Joseph Israel DeRoy
Bessie and Marion DeRoy
Marion Hertzog DeRoy
DeRoy Family
Aaronel deRoy Gruber with sculpture
Group A
Aaronel deRoy Gruber at WQED


Tree of Life Congregation Seat Purchase
Abraham DeRoy Last Will and Testament
Sarah DeRoy Last Will and Testament
West View Cemetery Certificate
Joseph DeRoy Last Will and Testament
“Magnificent Gift”
“Bridging the Gap”
“Hollow Cube” plans
Papercraft annual report
“Profiles of Success”

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