Tree of Life Congregation (Pittsburgh, Pa.) bibliography


American Jewish Archives

  • Congregation Tree of Life (Pittsburgh, Pa.) nearprint (catalog record).
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  • Tree of Life (Pittsburgh, Pa.) tragedy nearprint (catalog record).
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University of Pittsburgh Archives & Special Collections

  • Archives of Industrial Society Information Files [AIS.Info.Files] (catalog record).
  • Tree of Life Congregation Records [AIS.1975.02] (catalog record).

Duquense University Archives and Special Collections

Rauh Jewish Archives

  • Abraham A. Goldstein Haggadah c1880s [MFF 4993] (catalog record).
  • Aviva Lubowsky Papers and Photographs [MSS 1228] (catalog record).
  • Ben Forman Papers and Photographs [MSS 1229] (catalog record).
  • By laws, Ladies Auxiliary of the Tree of Life Congregation, Pittsburgh, Pa., 1912 [2002.0167] (catalog record).
  • City of Pittsburgh geodetic and topographic survey, sheet 28 [map] (catalog record).
  • Congregation Tree of Life Rabbi Herman Hailperin testimonial dinner program 1947 [2015.0017] (catalog record).
  • Corinne Azen Krause Papers [MSS 113] (catalog record).
  • Dr. Herman Hailperin obituary file (catalog record).
  • Hilda Rubin Kreimer obitary file (catalog record).
  • Jewish Archival Survey Collection [MSS 196] (catalog record).
  • Jewish Chronicle Records [MSS 906} (catalog record).
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  • The Simcha Tree (catalog record).
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  • Tree of Life Messenger (catalog record).
  • Tree of Life Sisterhood centennial program, 1999 [MFF 4848] (catalog record).
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Documents and Objects

Rauh Jewish Archives

  • “Progess, Tree of Life Congregation, 1864-1952" (online—Historic Pittsburgh).
  • Pittsburgh Jewish Community Book (1921) (online—Historic Pittsburgh).
  • The Dr. Herman Hailperin jubilee weekend : April 28th, 1972, Tree of Life Synagogue (catalog record).
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