Montefiore Hospital bibliography


Rauh Jewish Archives

  • Montefiore Hospital Records [MSS 286] (catalog record).
  • Montefiore Hospital Photographs [MSP 286] (catalog record).
  • Montefiore Hospital Photographs gallery [MSP 286] (online—Historic Pittsburgh).
  • Ladies Hospital Aid Society Records [MSS 32] (catalog record).
  • Ladies Hospital Aid Society Photographs [MSP 32] (catalog record).
  • Annie Jacobs Davis Papers [MSS 269] (catalog record).
  • Wolk family papers [manuscript] 1920-1953 [MFF 296] (catalog record).
  • Carol Bleier Research Papers on Montefiore Hospital [2016.0132; 2017.0161].
  • Lu Donnelly Research Papers on Montefiore Hospital [MSS 1054].

Documents and Objects

Rauh Jewish Archives

  • “Annie Jacobs Davis memoir," c.1940 (online).
  • Annie Jacobs Davis portrait (online).
  • “Montefiore Waiting Room" [2021.142.1] (online).
  • Sphygmomanometer [95.66.2 a,b] (online).
  • Montefiore Hospital Campaign pin [2015.59.1] (online).
  • Montefiore Hospital School of Nursing nurse’s cap [2013.124.1] (online).

University of Pittsburgh Archives & Special Collections

  • Jacob Davis oral history, NCJW-Pittsburgh Oral History Project, 1974 (online).

Pittsburgh Jewish Newspaper Project

  • Melmed, Dr. S. M. “The Mother of Montefiore: Her Story of the Hospital,” Jewish Criterion, July 12, 1929 (online).

Books and Articles

Rauh Jewish Archives

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  • “Decades of dedication: the perfect partnership," Pittsburgh : Montefiore Hospital, 1988 (catalog record).
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