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"Service policy of 'Y' Restaurant to be Changed"
"New Cafeteria Policy Approved by Members"
Y Restaurant ad [10-14-1927]
"The Restaurant" [10-21-1927]
"'Y' Cafeteria Increases Service for Students"
Y Restaurant ad [08-03-1928]
"Restaurant Summer Food Menu Planned"
"Restaurant Cuts Prices of Dinners"
Y Restaurant ad [10-14-1932]
"New Restaurant Pleases Patrons"
"Restaurant Ready to Serve Affairs"
Y Restaurant ad [10-13-1933]
"The 'Y' Restaurant" [09-28-1934]
"Restaurant Renovated For Friday Dinners"
Y Restaurant ad [05-24-1935]
Y Restaurant ad [01-03-1936]
"'Y' Restaurant" [01-31-1936]
"'Y' Restaurant" [04-17-1936]
Y Dining Room ad [07-03-1936]
Wiedman anniversary notice
Y Restaurant closure notice
"Restaurant Re-opens Under W. B. Wiedman"
"New Cook on Staff of 'Y' Restaurant"
"Restaurant Extends Service to Patrons"
"'Y' Restaurant" [01-05-1940]
"'Y' Restaurant" [02-23-1940]
"'Y' Restaurant" [05-31-1940]
"'Y' Restaurant" [11-22-1940]
"'Y' Restaurant" [09-12-1941]
"Restaurant to Open"
"Y Restaurant Serves Sunday Dinners"
"'Y' Restaurant" [01-16-1948]
"Eat Dinner at Y Restaurant"
"Snack Bar to be Open Soon"
"Snack Bar Closes"
"Snack-bar Open This Sunday"
"Young Adults Enjoy First Coffee Hour"
"Hadassah Takes Over Food Service at the Y"
"Members Okeh Tea Room Plan"
"Patronize the Y Restaurant"
"Y Restaurant Open Evenings"
"New Lounge in Planned"
"New Night Club Opens at Y for Teenagers"
"Teen Night Club Opens"
Club 315 photograph
Club 315 ad
"Club 315 for April 12"
"Do You Remember When?"

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