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Mildred Swartz (1)
Howard Swartz (1)
Mildred Swartz (2)
Mildred Swartz (3)
Howard Swartz (2)
Howard Swartz (3)
Variety Club of Pittsburgh
Shiffie and Howard Swartz
Shiffie Eisenfeld (1)
Howard Swartz (4)
Lynne Swartz (1)
Lynne Swartz (2)
Mildred and Lynne Swartz
Eisenfeld-Swartz Family
Swartz Family (1)
Eileen Swartz (1)
Swartz Family (2)
Lynne Swartz (3)
Eileen Swartz (2)


"Record in Course"
Phi Eta Sigma Fraternity
Pittsburgh Allied Fabricator's Inc.
"Dear Kids"
"Dear Sir"
Private Pilot's License
"Pilot Proficiency Award Program"
Rodef Shalom Religious School report card
Rodef Shalom Congregation diploma
"International Student Identity Card"
Eileen M. Swartz