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Louis and Mary Opall
Morton Opall bar mitzvah
Morton Opall in showroom
Opall’s Furniture showroom
Opall Furniture supplies
Opall’s Furniture Inc. exterior
Morton Opall at B’nai B’rith convention
Rotary tree planting
“Celebration 33” planning
Holocaust memorial under construction
Temple Israel confirmation class (1982)
Max and Ethel Gland


Opall’s Furniture Inc. press release
Uniontown Hadassah Golden Jubilee
“Why I Am Not a Member of Hadassah”
Uniontown Hadassah fundraising appeal
Hadassah quota cards
Rosalie Opall life delegate certificate
Tree of Life Sisterhood minutes 1974-1976
Food for Thought
Israel Bonds Committee honor
Morton Opall installation
Morton Opall life delegate certificate
Holocaust Memorial sketch
Holocaust memorial dedication booklet


Morton and Rosalie Opall oral history