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Oher Chodosh 25th Anniversary Banquet
Bess and Rose Veglich
New Light banquet (1952)
New Light banquet (1955)
New Light Torah scroll relocation
New Light groundbreaking (1)
New Light groundbreaking (2)
New Light facade
New Light Israel Day Parade


Romanian synagogue editorial
New Light Congregation charter (1909)
"Roumanian Congregation Celebrates 25th Anniversary"
Rev. Mandel Wachnin announcement
New Light Congregation bylaws (1931)
Oher Chodosh Mizrachi certificate
New Light stationery (1)
Oher Chodosh special meeting
"New Light Synagogue Leaves Hill"
"Reorganized New Light Congregation"
New Light open house invitation
New Light Congregation bylaws (1958)
"New Light Plans March Groundbreaking"
New Light groundbreaking announcement
New Light sancutary dedication invitation
New Light stationery (2)
New Light Sisterhood "Book of Life"