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Bickur Cholim Home photograph
Bickur Cholim Home expansion
Gussie Levinson birthday


Bickur Cholim Society notice [12/17/1920]
Bickur Cholim Society notice [03/25/1921]
"Bickur Cholim To Establish Convalescent Home"
"Bickur Cholim Home Dedication To Open Campaign"
Bickur Cholim Society donor luncheon
"Bickur Cholim Plans Addition"
"Bickur Cholim Celebrates Fifty Years of Service"
"Contrary to Rumors"
"Bickur Cholim Spirit Soar on 'The Wing'"
"NCJW's 90th birthday gift…"
"Council Care Gets Grant"
"Bickur Cholim aids JFCS"
"Bickur Cholim makes $45,000 in grants"
"Bickur Cholim finalizes JFCS grant"