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M. A. Baskind Company downtown opening
Moe Baskind at company picnic
M. A. Baskind Company downtown
Testing the Colorobot
Sandy Baskind at a company home show
Imperial Wallpaper sales meeting
M. A. Baskind sales trip
M. A. Baskind and “The Terrible Wallpaper”


"Thoughts On Reaching The Age of 77"
Peerless Wallpaper advertisement
Peerless Wallpaper relocates
"Peerless... Offers Unusual Value"
“Barnes Wallpaper & Paint Co.”
M. A. Baskind Company advertisement
Pittsburgh soldiers killed in action
“Now Showing…”
“A change for the better”
“Here’s News”
Sandy Baskind letter to Barbara Cloud
“Best Laid Plans”
"I Love Reunions"
"The Winter of '48"

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