Bes Almon Society bibliography


Rauh Jewish Archives

American Jewish Archives

  • Ida Selavan Schwarcz Papers [MS-820] (finding aid
  • Bes Almon Society (Pittsburgh, Pa.) interments and financial records, 1895-1906 [SC-9768] (catalog record)

Rodef Shalom Archives

  • Bes Almon Cemetery records (contact)

Documents and Objects

Rauh Jewish Archives

  • Bes Almon Society minute book, 1875-1906 (online).
  • Bes Almon Cemetery Association Book of Interments (online).
  • “The Autobiography of William Frank" (online).

Rodef Shalom Archives

  • Bes Almon Society minute book (contact).
  • Bes Almon Cemetery Association Book of Interments (contact).

Allegheny County

  • Bes Almon Cemetery Association charter (Allegheny County Charter Book, Vol. 2, Pages 190-191).
  • Bes Almon Cemetery property assessment listing (Allegheny County Real Estate Portal).

Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum

Isaac Leeser Digital Repository

  • Nathan Gallinger to Isaac Leeser, letter Jan. 18, 1850 (online).
  • Nathan Gallinger to Isaac Leeser, letter, Aug. 9, 1852 (online).


  • “Jewish Settlements Throughout the Country," The Occident and American Jewish Advocate, Nov. 1846 (online—The National Library of Israel).
  • Jaroslawsky, Leopold. “Congregation Sharai Shemaim of Pittsburg," The American Israelite, Aug. 25, 1854 (online—
  • “Special Meeting," Jewish Criterion, April 26, 1906 (online).

Books and Articles

Burstin, Dr. Barbara. Steel City Jews. Pittsburgh: self-published, 2008 (catalog record).

Feldman, Jacob. “The Pioneers of a Community," American Jewish Archives Journal, Nov. 1980. (online—American Jewish Archives).

Feldman, Jacob. The Jewish Experience in Western Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh: Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, 1986 (catalog record).

Savage, Nathan, ed. Pittsburgh Tri-State Pinkas. Pittsburgh: Jewish National Fund, 1949. (online—Historic Pittsburgh).

Selavan, Dr. Ida Cohen. “A Mistake In Translation," The Jewish Chronicle, Sept. 24, 1992 (online).


  • Western Pennsylvania Jewish Cemetery Project (online).
  • Troy Hill Jewish Cemetery (online—Find A Grave)